Why Butter Is Good For You!

Why Butter Is Good For You!

Why Is Butter Good For You?

Some nutrition experts claim it is a superfood and as you read this article you will see why butter is good for you.  Although it’s not on the top of the list, it is abundant with several nutrients.  It’s high in vitamin A and is closely comparable to Kale in that regard.  It’s a unique vitamin A.

Butter does not cause irritation to your liver and gallbladder.   Therefore, consuming this food along with liver friendly foods allows your liver to continue to heal.  It’s also high in vitamin D which helps with bone and calcium transportation and it contains vitamin E in addition to vitamin F.

What Is Vitamin F?

Vitamin F is better known as linoleic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid (EFA).  It plays a crucial role, in tandem with omega-3 EFAs,  in brain function, normal growth, skin and hair regeneration, bone health, and metabolic function.  As a reciprocal hormone with vitamin D, they work together in keeping viruses in remission.  When you are lacking vitamin F you may also find you sunburn more easily & the sunburn does not heal as quickly.

Another vital vitamin in butter is vitamin K2.  Vitamin K2 is good for bone health, good for your teeth and it helps prevent cavities.  It is also rich in lecithin, selenium, and iodine.   Lecithin is the antidote to cholesterol.   Whereas, the nutrients selenium and iodine are especially helpful for someone who is hypothyroid.

Butter has Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, AND it’s an MCT (medium chain triglyceride fat) meaning its a healthy fat that does not convert to fat.   In other words, it does NOT make you fat.

We’ve Been Told Butter Is “Bad” – No Way!

For years, we have been told not to consume butter because it’s BAD for you.   Probably because the industrialized food industry could make money on pushing bad stuff like margarine and soy-based replacements.  Did you know, there is no study to date that shows consuming butter will clog your arteries?

It is also one of the few foods that have lauric acid.  Lauric acid is good for weight loss and is anti-tumor and anti-cancer.  It is good for regulating metabolism.   By the way, the only foods lauric acid can be found in is butter, coconut oil, and breast milk.  Now no normal adult will consume breast milk right?  So our choices are butter and coconut milk.

Another amazing feature is that it doesn’t turn in adipose tissue.  And, it’s easy to digest because it bypasses the liver and gallbladder.  In fact. Olive oil is harder to digest than butter.

Lastly, taking some before sleeping can help you sleep because it enhances the absorption of calcium from the vitamin D and the vitamin F.

As you can see butter is not only a delicious and nutritious superfood, it is good for you!   Always consume varieties that either organic, grass-fed or hormone free.  Bon Appetit!