Lies My Doctor Told Me: How the Standard American Diet Materialized

Lies My Doctor Told Me: How the Standard American Diet Materialized

This is a riveting replay from Tom Bilyeu’s Health Theory.  In this episode he interviews the author of Lies My Doctor Told Me, Dr. Ken Berry.   Tom and Dr. Barry discuss an array of topics with a focus on the lies doctors are telling their patients and how the standard American diet materialized.

Dr. Berry struggled with excessive weight when he became an adult.  He grew up with the same dietary misinformation most people have.  At nearly 300 pounds he could no longer advise his overweight patients to lose weight when he was so overweight himself.  He knew he had to lead by example for his patients to have confidence in the advice he was giving them.

Realizing the nutrition education he got in medical school was extremely flawed he embarked on researching how the human body processes food.   He discovered ancestral eating was the key to having healthy body composition.  With the backing of over 100 years of medical research, he discovered the ketogenic diet closely resembles how our ancestors ate.   He adjusted his diet to the macronutrient requirements of the ketogenic diet and eventually returned to normal body weight and normal blood chemistry.   Rather than managing patients with medication, he treats them with sound dietary education and guidance.